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Freight Management

Reliable Freight management from a reliable freight partner.

Delivering you the option to run a lean organization through our innovative technology and our nation wide presence. We service a wide range of customers including both High and No touch customers, along with both short term and long term customers.

We also do freight brokering for Nationwide customers throughout the US.

Freight Visibility Solutions

Our dynamic operating and reporting system enables us to accurately capture multiple data points for each activity. This provides our partners with enhanced data analysis and information for any period (day, week, month, quarter, year) and at any level of the operational hierarchy (site, region, corporate). We benchmark specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations and can drill down to pinpoint specific opportunities.

Cost Transparency

We can offer detailed productivity reports alongside industry benchmarks ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Vendor & Carrier Compliance

We score vendors and carriers to help you minimize receiving violations and maximize on-time transportation performance.

Proven ROI

Achieve tangible cost savings through constant performance monitoring and strategic operational improvements.

Freight Matching

Our HF&W transportation experts automatically match carriers based on preferred lanes, extensive profile information, and key service metrics. Price benchmarking and route building capabilities offer further optimization to ensure your freight is always being moved by the right carrier, via the right mode, at a fair price.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

We treat your product like it's our own.

We will partner with your manufacturing and distribution organization to drive quality, continuous improvement, and raise your performance. All that is attainable through our ability to be flexible with each individual program.

Nationwide Coverage

Get support wherever you need it from our network.

Performance Visibility & Productivity

Get actionable insights that allow you to continuously improve. Create a variable cost from a near fixed cost.

Risk Mitigation

Limit your exposure to labor issues and human services obligations.

Warehouse Tactical Operations

HF&W ensures continuous productivity in your distribution center or warehouse by deploying high-performing Tactical Operations teams to supplement your operation or support your ad hoc needs.

Hiring & Training The Best People

At HF&W we conduct a job market analysis for each operation that enables a unique recruiting and hiring plan. Our national recruiting managers then use a quote matching strategy to examine operational needs and facilitate hiring. A combination of resume screens, telephone contacts, in-person interviews, and behavioral strength assessments are used to ensure the right team of associates will serve our business partners.

(STOP) Safety First

Our safety-first mentality is continuously reinforced from our CEO, COO, and our USA National Director of Operations, throughout the entire organization. Our Operational Excellence department develops and coordinates safety awareness activities, programs, audits, and training, through our Safety Training Observation Program (STOP).

Josh Buggs, Freight Broker

"HF&W is one our most trusted carriers. We have done hundreds of loads together with no issues. They never take a load they can’t cover. If any issue arises, they are very responsive. Would highly recommend."

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