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Freight Services & Logistics
Focus on making great products and we'll handle the rest. We are a trusted supply chain partner to businesses in all industries and when we promise... we deliver.
Warehouse & Distribution
You work hard to create a quality product and whether it's on a truck or in the warehouse, we treat your product like it's our own. Never worry about damaged goods or products on our watch.

About Us

“At HF&W, we know our difference is our people. That is why we focus on creating a workplace that allows everyone to thrive. We do this by fostering a safe, inclusive environment, offering competitive pay, and helping our team members achieve their personal goals. We are a culture committed to people.”

Roger Crowder, CEO

“At HF&W, we listen. We are leaders in creating new markets, spotting unnoticed opportunities, and discovering smart ways to address challenges because we listen to our HF&W associates and business partners customers.

Our flexibility as a company makes the differences in how business gets done, simultaneously creating a “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”. Respect for each other’s individuals’ strengths drives this collaboration.”

Walt Smith, COO
Who We Are
We are a National Freight and Warehouse company whose specialty is being flexible to the customers needs, to ensure that they are taken care of. We use our network to help customers manage their goods most efficiently throughout their supply chains.

At the top of our value proposition is an intense customer service culture that connects our team Nationwide. Our people focus on finding new ways to help our customers succeed, while becoming
continuously more efficient ourselves. We offer warehouse is in many large cities around the US with plans to expand to over 7 million sq. by spring of 2021.
Our Values
We believe a diverse workforce makes for a more innovative organization. Creating a culture of respect is central to who we are. Our company is built on collaboration; we value the various backgrounds that each employee contributes.

We also realize the importance of educating employees on the unique challenges of different demographic groups. Our inclusion series focus on raising awareness across the organization. In this way, we create respectful workplaces with a diversity of perspectives.

We firmly believed in on time delivery, helping all customers reach their warehousing and freight needs in a fast and reliable manner. Making sure all customer needs are taken care of and stay 100% satisfied. We have the goal to grow until we are helping every customer possibly in every city in the USA.

We also strive to be 100% accurate with the highest of integrity. We operate our business in a manner that demonstrates a high regard for the environment and the interests of our stakeholders. Sustainability is part of our blueprint for managing risk and reducing our carbon footprint. Our approach to sustainability – and, in fact, to all areas of the company – is one of continuous improvement based on innovation.
Where we are around the USA
We are headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with multiple facilities located here in the crossroads Hoosier state and we have a location in many major cities in the USA. We are continually expanding and are always willing to open a new building in a matter of weeks in a new city if that is what our customer needs.

Interested in working with us?

We are constantly looking for the best talent to serve our clients with excellence from our warehouses to delivery. If that's you, please email us or call us.

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