About Hoosier Freight & Warehousing

Pic 4 copyHoosier Freight & Warehousing Mission Statement

Hoosier Freight & Warehousing is an Indianapolis trucking company and warehouse storage supplier that is dedicated to providing fast, superior solutions to your nationwide shipping and local warehousing needs. Our goal is to meet all your logistic needs through world class, quality service. We believe our service exceeds industry standards and is the best value for our customers.

In our warehouses or in our trucks, we promise to handle your product as if it were our own. We will support our customer’s desires by providing customized plans of service. We believe through shared decision-making with our customers, Hoosier Freight & Warehousing will be prepared to fulfill all the future needs of our valued customers.

As employees of Hoosier Freight & Warehousing, we will do what is necessary to gain your trust and reinforce that trust tomorrow.

Hoosier Freight & Warehousing Vision Statement 

At Hoosier Freight & Warehousing, our employees are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of all our logistics customers. We strive to be your on time, price competitive freight and warehousing partner.

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